Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Viral is 'the new word'

So many ‘new’ things start attaching the word Viral. I am delighted. This is one on Leadership. Michael Watkins note entry in HRB online, on Infectious Leadership brings home the idea of top leadership influence. I couldn’t help replying: “Michael’s infective leaders are music to my ears since I base my consulting practice on creating infections (‘Viral Change™) as opposed to mechano-hydraulic processes of PowerPoint-communications. Interestingly , I could not stop smiling whilst reading Michael’s entry since the prologue of my book Viral Change starts with a true story of a new CEO who made a series of relatively informal comments on the organization, generating de facto cascade changes ultimately translated into true cultural change. When I interviewed him a few months later and congratulated him for what it seemed to me a good ‘change management programme’, he replied ‘what programme?’”

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