Friday, 18 January 2008

Business Digest devotes dossier to Viral Change

As I mentioned in a previous post, Business Digest planned to devote their December 07 issue to change. Their plans included devoting one dossier solely to Dr Herrero's book, Viral Change, and the implementation of the Viral ChangeTM methodology in actual business situations.

The dossier was published in their December issue on change and consisted of a review of the book and two interviews with top executives/managers whose companies have successfully implemented Viral ChangeTM.

Today, I want to share with you Business Digest’s Viewpoint on Viral Change. In my next two posts, the two Viral Change–success stories get their turn.

Business Digest is a European magazine publisher on management and strategy and has been helping leaders improve their understanding of the corporate environment and its evolution since 1992. They are also a preferred partner of well-known experts such as HEC Executive Education, Key People Clubs, The European Club of Corporate Universities, WDHB Consulting Group and Crossknowledge.

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