Thursday, 8 May 2008

Net-work, not more teamwork (and 3)

Following upon my previoous 2 posts in on my 'disruptive ideas' ( from the book of the same title), here is an idea summary........

  • Measure people’s net-work wealth by the number of their connections (weak or strong) with others, inside and outside the boundaries of the company

  • Measure your own net-work wealth by the number of people you could call for help in the middle of the night …

  • Make social connectivity (outside teams) a key feature of the culture.

  • Everybody should routinely cross the border of their divisions, groups or teams in pursuit of answers or to deliver input.

  • Ask the following performance management questions routinely: how many people outside this (team, division, company) have you talked to in the last month? How many pieces of input have you given to people outside your department?

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