Friday, 7 November 2008

Crowd surfing

This is a good book: Crowd Surfing by Martin Thomas and David Brain.

This is the Amazon’s description: The way people buy has gone through a massive revolution in recent years: thanks to blogs, review sites and chat rooms, we no longer have to rely on what a company says about its products and services we can read what our fellow consumers think about what they've bought, and make our own decisions bearing those views in minds. The result? Empowered customers who know exactly what they want and who can now explore many ways to get it. Many companies, however, just won't accept that things have changed and haven't adjusted their marketing efforts to match. In Crowd Surfing, David Brain and Martin Thomas explain what marketers, advertisers and brand specialists need to do to communicate with today's savvier consumers. They include case studies of successes and failures from the business world and beyond, and interview leaders such as Michael Dell and Sebastian Coe to help illustrate their points.

See a review of the book and an interview with David, president of of Edelman and co-author.

Edelman’s trust barometer is a good supporting tool to understand the source of trust in organisations and the significance of the peer-to-peer influence that we use in Viral Change™

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