Monday, 9 February 2009

Dr Leandro Herrero will run an ‘Innovactions’ Workshop at the eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona on the 3rd of March 2009

Dr Leandro Herrero will run the following workshop on the 3rd of March 2009 in Barcelona, at the eyeforpharma conference ‘Sales Force Effectiveness 2009’ (Europe).

Innovactions: last person leaving the me-too company, please switch off the lights!

  • Creating an innovation fabric by identifying innovation behaviours
  • Re-designing ‘structures’ with focus on innovation
  • Killing process that prevent innovation
  • New skills for a non-me-too company: the new people you need and where to find them
  • Continuous improvement is prolonged agony: creating transformation now
  • How a new pharma company is possible now, and how to build one.

Innovactions is a new book by Dr Leandro Herrero to be published in 2009 by meetingminds (

Eyeforpharma is a leading provider of strategic information for pharmaceutical companies and the organiser of annual conferences such as this one entitled ‘Sales Force Effectiveness 2009’ (Europe)

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