Wednesday, 15 April 2009

30 little, effective explosions

See what Jack Vinson makes of DISRUPTIVE IDEAS. Thanks Jack

30 little, effective explosions - Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Imagine having your pick of 30 different fireworks. Each has its own effects, but taken in combinations, they can really light up the sky. That's the idea behind Leandro Herrero's Disruptive Ideas - 10+10+10=1000: the maths of Viral Change that transform organisations, a how-to follow-on to Viral Change. There is a book website where most of the book contents are posted, and readers are encouraged to comment. I was sent a review copy last year and have finally gotten around to it.
What makes a disruptive idea? It's something that changes the way the business runs, and it's something that can be started easily and create a wildfire of change (viral) through the organization. It is definitely NOT something that requires a large implementation. Each idea is described through stories around how the idea might impact an organization. Herrero often touches upon popular management literature and turns it around with suggestions like "talk the walk" instead of the usual "walk the talk."

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