Saturday, 23 May 2009

From my presentation at CIB

Wonderful people at the CIB conference, a professional body of internal (external) communicators

Dr Leandro Herrero says viral change is infectious


Neil Fitzgerald said...

This was a highly inspiring presentation that was also well grounded in the practical, real world. Thank you, Dr Herrero. Two questions: how best in large, multinational/multi-silo organisations to find those sceptical, maverick, lateral-thinking well-connected people who wil be the inflencers of change? And when you do, how do you avoid the fear (on their part) and the risk (on yours) that by being co-opted into the change profcess, they are seen to have come over "to the dark side" - ie corporate apparatchiks, no longer the sceptical maverick etc that makes them valuable influencers?
Neil Fitzgerald, Deutsche bank

Dr Leandro Herrero said...

(1) You would be surprised how easy is to find those people! You can try the sophisticatred way of suervey/profiling etc... or the other en of the spectrum: ask! Asking managers (different layes, different places...._ for ‘do you have people who (profile here)’? has always worked for me!
(2) The second part, again, it is theory more frightening than in practice. Remember that they are not just the sceptical and maverick that we look for but also simply influencers, people who will be listened to...Usually this is a great community that is able to stand up and help. We cover with them the risks of their ‘new visibility straight away. A true influencer continues to be even if he/she says, look, this is good, believe me.. lets go for it. Also a few sceptical and mavericks in the context of a larger group of champion/influencers- they seem to help each other a lot! Reality is Viral Change works ... and debunks a few myths and presumptions... Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else. I take you were at the CIB.... is that right?