Monday, 22 June 2009

The Viral Change Partnership - A call to join a start up – could you help us to find the right people?

The Chalfont Project carves out Viral Change™ creating a separate dedicated LLP company. The timetable for the start up has started

Having pioneered Viral Change™ and created substantial market presence and implementation experience ( we have taken the decision within The Chalfont Project ( ) to create a new company exclusively dedicated to the expansion of Viral Change™ across industries and geographies.

The new company will be de facto a start up in the form of an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) The majority partner will be The Chalfont Project but we are looking for a very small number of exceptional start up partners who can see this unique opportunity and are willing to take over our Viral Change™ IP assets, develop them, create business and share risk and profits with the rest of the partners.

Partners will be full time dedicated to The Viral Change Partnership LLP and will be directly responsible for its revenue growth, owning part of the new company in terms agreed in accordance with their contributions. If you know of anybody who is an exceptional professional with sufficient experience and gravitas to become a partner, please forward this email and ask him/her to get in touch with me at so that I can share a more detailed information blueprint.

In parallel to this search for exceptional partners, The Viral Change Partnership will be setting up a selected number of associations with individuals or organisations which could not fit the exclusive time commitment but who however wish to establish a close and formal relationship with us. Please feel free to share this call as well with who may be interested

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