Monday, 2 November 2009

Are we being served?

We recently had an accident with our car. It wasn't our fault and the other (somewhat tearful) person accepted liability. It all seemed very straightforward... Until the other driver put in her claim form to her insurers blaming us! Since then we have had tens of phonecalls and emails. To her, her insurers, our insurers, our insurance brokers, the repair garage etc. Two weeks after the accident there is no end in sight.
So why am I telling you this sad and often (I am told) repeated saga?
The communication between all the interested parties has been diabolical. I have received three letters from the insurers and two phone calls. All from different people, in different departments with totally contradictory messages. The insurance broker doesn't fill me with confidence when she says 'don't worry they always do that they are just keeping their options open.' I am particularly annoyed as the broker is supposed to deal with the insurer on my behalf and isn't doing!
It's time for a change. In this situation (fortunately for us no-one was injured) someone needs to take control and handle the transactions. If it has to be me, the customer, then so be it. But let me know and I'll stop paying the broker's commission.
We need to move into a world where teams co-operate across disciplines and companies and where there is a sense of responsibility and care. Top down hierarchical companies are doomed to failure. They do not motivate and energise the people within them and they foster labyrinthine reporting structures.

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