Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Apple Nation from Fast Company. Useful to all of us

A great summary on the uniqueness of Apple
Forget they are talking about technology. It's a way of life, experience, both, from a company that happens to have products

Apple Nation Fast Company

A 15 minute live video on the essence of Viral Change™

In the context of his recent visit to Denmark to talk to corporate leaders both in the private and public sector, Dr Leandro Herrero has been interviewed by Borsen, the leading Danish business newspaper and online business portal. I thought you may be interested in this 15 minute video in which Dr Herrero is interviewed by Mr Frank Dybdal Lilleøre, First Vice President of Danske Bank and Group HR of its Corporate University, in charge of Leadership Development. It is a short piece which highlights the key components of Viral Change™. I thought it may be useful for you. Watch it here in the Borsen website.

Please, feel free to pass it onto those in your organization who may benefit from the concept and applications of Viral Change™.