Monday, 28 May 2012

The Age of Activism - Europeam Communication Summit, Brussels, 5-6 July 2012

Dr Leandro Herrero has been invited back by Qudriga University to be an expert speaker at their European Communication Summit in Brussels on Friday 6th July.

Speaking on the issue of The Age of Activism, Dr Herrero will provide his valuable insight regarding the saturation of messages, the increasing difficulty in distinguishing signal from noise, the commoditization of attention and the dangerous naivety of mistaking human collaboration with 'click-tivism'. How he believes that Internal communications must lead to "change-ability" or they will be left as Information Traffic Management or Top-down information conduits. Without transforming themselves into change-makers, their value will fade even more. They need to understand how social movements are created, how Viral Change" works and how 'engagement' in 2012 means doing something/changing something, and not simply being heard or participating.

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