Saturday, 25 August 2012

How social movement also fade - and a reply

Meta activism is a wonderful think-tak tracking social movements. This is a recent post on how these are fading and their interpretation.
2012 As The Morning After: Citizen Movements Lose Momentum | Meta-Activism Project
Viral Change (TM) orehestrates socila movements  and in doing so we are aware of the need to do it 'in campaign style'. This is my response to their blog post:

"The ups and downs of a social movement, both of the type you are tracking and study and the ‘internal within the organization’ that we orchestrate ( are a sign of health. Any scaled-up social movement needs to peak and come down. There is no such a thing as stable social movement. As movement it will trigger changes in the system (societal, organizational) which they themselves may spread and stabilize but the movement is the engine and an engine cannot run permanently over-heated. A good orchestration of the movement (very difficult to achieve in emergent societal) should cater for peaks and lows and adopt a campaign style where ‘pulses’ are planned in a recurrent way. This is how we do it inside large organizations. A one off, top down ‘tsunami approach’ (PUSH) as we call it will fade without the readiness of bottom-up (PULL) system. See . What we are seeing is normal but orchestrators should be aware of the need for, dare I say, managing and crafting the movement. The role of the digital world is of course a modifying important one – and you are experts in understanding this "

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