Saturday, 9 March 2013

Management Innovation – cutting edge . ‘Disruptive Ideas’ and ‘Reboot’ Seminars by The Chalfont Project

Management innovation does not have to be all systems and process upside down
One shot, one day, little preparation, all hands and brains, your entire team, injection of disruptive ideas which can be actionable the day after: “The Disruptive Ideas Seminar” by The Chalfont Project.
email . Management innovation as its best

Cutting edge injection of actionable new thinking
  • What if all teams had a sell-by-date, with automatic end no matter what?
  • What if your teams did not need to meet? A team and a meeting are two different things.
  • What if your aim as leader was to loose control? The more you loose the more you have.
And another 27 or so Disruptive ideas to the test for your entire team.

All one day, all hands, all brains (tip: and it doesn’t get better as a team building)
What if some of them could be implemented at zero cost and make huge impact?

Sacred cows, elephants in the room and other cast in daily management at the core of ‘Reboot’, a one day Game Plan crafting for your team: The ‘Reboot’ seminar
Game Plan in one day? Its 2013, yes you can!

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